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"The Best Way to End a Marriage Affordably, Confidently and without Multiple Parties Tearing through Your Life"

— Jeff Hughes

Save Money

End a marriage without breaking the bank. Based on research people going through a divorce using Simple Path Forward will save up to 75% (1) compared with couples hiring a traditional attorney.

Be Confident

With Simple Path Forward you gain confidence and eliminate the anxiety and confusion the legal process creates. You will understand the court process and the laws so you can make informed decisions.

Keep Control

Keep control of your divorce case and limit the number of third parties involved. When teaming with Simple Path Forward you are able to keep control so the legal process cannot swallow you and your family.

Discover how the Simple Path Forward makes the divorce process simple giving clients like you clarity and control

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Simple Path Forward is a collaborative process requiring both spouses to actively participate. If either spouse is unable to communicate and or unwilling to find compromise Simple Path Forward is NOT a process that should be considered.


Designed to help families make empowered decisions at an affordable rate – clients spend up to 75% less (1) compared with hiring an attorney. Clients using this process are happier with their divorce and are less likely to go back to court. You can truly move forward to the next chapter of your life.

Divorce w/ Children


per spouse

Divorce w/o Children


per spouse

*requires both spouses to agree to participate in the process

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"I was represented very well, my attorney fought for me, and definitely made sure my interests were well represented. I felt as though Dan, my attorney, would go to war with me, and do everything in his power to make sure I came out on top."

Travis P.

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